Organ Works

Freiburg-Littenweiler, Auferstehungskirche

Renovierung der Peter-Orgel (1967) | II/24 | 2018



The evangelical (Lutheran) Church of the Resurrection was dedicated in 1962 and is an interesting example of successful church building in concrete. The central part is circular on plan with double beams carried up through the ceiling to the ridge of the roof, giving the interior a tent-like character. Bands of intensely coloured windows bathe the space with an impressive play of light.

In 1967 the Peter firm installed an instrument typical of its time behind a simple free-standing front of symmetrically arranged pipes. The glass swell box with Prinzipal 4 on view is a feature of the design.

The renovation undertaken in our workshop – aside from the usual cleaning and overhaul – included various technical improvements, such as a complete rebuilding of the free-standing console, partial renewal of electrics, installation of slider solenoids as well as optimisation of the swell shutter mechanism. Sunken and deformed front pipes required correction and stabilisation.

On the tonal side we were able to make careful adjustments to the voicing – particularly of the reeds – leading a noticeable gain in quality in the direction of greater unity, fullness, and colour. For example, the former thin and ‘quinty-sounding’ Subbass received a higher mouth cut-up in order to provide a more fundamental sound, as demanded by the space within the building.

organ view


I. Hauptwerk C-g3

  1. Rohrpommer 16‘
  2. Principal 8‘
  3. Trichtergedeckt 8’
  4. Octave 4’
  5. Pommer-Nachthorn 4’
  6. Nasat 2 2/3’
  7. Gemshorn 2’
  8. Mixtur 5-6f. 2‘
  9. Trompete 8‘

II. Schwellwerk C-g3

  1. Musiziergedeckt 8‘
  2. Principal 4‘
  3. Rohrtraverse 4‘
  4. Octave 2‘
  5. Rohrgemsquinte 1 1/3‘
  6. Sesquialtera 3f. 2 2/3’
  7. Cimbel 5f. 1’
  8. Gemshornregal 8’

Pedal C-f1

  1. Subbaß 16’
  2. Schwiegelprincipal 8’
  3. Rohrgedeckt 8’
  4. Gemshorn 4’
  5. Schweizerpfeife 2’
  6. Mixtur 4f. 4‘
  7. Fagott 16' (2018 neu, ersetzt Feldtrompete 4‘)


3 Normalkoppeln,
2 freie Kombinationen,