Organ Works

Gebhardshain, Ev. Kirche

new organ | II/20 (8 Ext. + 7 Tr.) | 2025

The Lutheran church in Gebhardshain was consecrated in 1863. Its single-nave interior with exposed roof construction shows elements of the round arch style, yet remains sober and reserved overall, except for blind columns with Corinthian capitals and a colourfully glazed polygonal chancel.

In 2025 we are to build a new organ in the same position as the previous instrument. The asymmetrical arrangement on the right-hand side of the gallery frees up the space required for joint music making with choirs and instrumentalists. For optimal use of space, the instrument is to be sited against the parapet with the console on the side. The case reflects the simple design language of its surroundings.

In order to maximise the scope of the limited number of stops, the concept implemented here uses conventional registers on a slider chest combined with extended ranks on unit chests. The principal chorus to Mixture forms a plenum and is the tonal backbone of the instrument. Enclosed in a swell box are seven further ranks providing additional timbres, available at different pitches by means of octave extensions. Except for the brightly-coloured reed rank, all the stops belonging to a particular extended rank bear the same designation. Both the principal stops and the enclosed colour and ‘filler’ voices are available on both manuals. The pedal has its own extended 16'-based Gedackt in addition to various transmissions

The specially designed electric action enables far-reaching possibilities of musical use thanks to the integrated setting system.


Manuals I.+II. C-g3

  1. Prinzipal 8'
  2. Oktave 4'
  3. Superoktave 2'
  4. Mixtur 3f. 2 2/3'

    im Schwellkasten:
  5. Bordun 16'
  6. Flöte 8'
  7. Gambe 8'
  8. Bordun 8' (Ext.)
  9. Flöte 4' (Ext.)
  10. Gambe 4' (Ext.)
  11. Quinte 2 2/3'
  12. Piccolo 2'
  13. Terz 1 3/5'
  14. Quinte 1 1/3' (Ext.)
  15. Piccolo 1' (Ext.)
  16. Fagott 16'
  17. Oboe 8' (Ext.)

Pedal C-f1

  1. Gedackt 16'
    Prinzipal 8' (Tr.)
    Flöte 8' (Tr.)
    Gambe 8' (Tr.)
  2. Gedackt 8' (Ext.)
    Flöte 4' (Tr.)
  3. Gedackt 4' (Ext.)
    Fagott 16' (Tr.)
    Oboe 8' (Tr.)
    Oboe 4' (Tr.)

    3 Normalkoppeln
    Tremulant Schwellwerk