Organ Works

Altenbach, Johanneskirche

Neubau einer Kompaktorgel | II/9 | 2015 | Opus 1004

The church dates from 1898, with tower and porch from 1963. The former interior has been re-ordered. The whole of the rear of the church, including the tower, was demolished and replaced by a new building. The new portion is conceived as a completion of the church in its existing outline, a simple edifice in dialogue with the church hall to form a clearly defined church square. The interior is divided by a tall stone slab incorporating stairs, gallery, sacristy, storerooms and organ. Above this a bell tower rises through the roof, incorporating the three existing bells.

The new organ is sited in a niche, 1.70m wide by 1.80 deep, by 3.70m in the middle of the balcony. It is mounted on a frame with steel rollers, so that it may be pulled out of the niche like a drawer for maintenance purposes. Only the bench and the pedalboard project forward from the niche.
The design foresees a very compact and well thought out organ with just 768 pipes. Maximum use of the pipes is made through various technical features (shared ranks, superoctave couplers etc). The result is a many-sided instrument, ideally suited to the accompaniment of worship.


I. Hauptwerk C-f3

  1. Bordun 16' ab c0
  2. Prinzipal 8' C-H aus Viola 8' und c0-h0 Bordun 16'
  3. Gedeckt 8' C-H aus Bordun 16' c0-h0
  4. Viola 8' C-F kropfgedeckt, Rest offen
  5. Oktave 4'
    Nasat 2 2/3' Vorabzug
    Oktave 2' Vorabzug
  6. Sesquialter 2-3f. 2 2/3'  C= 2 2/3’-1 3/5’-8/9’
  7. Mixtur 3f 2'

II. Nebenwerk C-f3

  1. Rohrflöte 8' C-H Holz, fis 2-f 4 als Spitzflöte
    Spitzflöte 4' als Koppel Super II/II

Pedal C-f1

  1. Subbass 16' C-H Holz, Rest Koppel Sub II/P

Koppeln: I/I Aequal, I/I Super, II/I, I/P, II/P