Organ Works

Hamburg, St. Michaelis, Krypta

Renovierung und Installation der Strebel-Orgel (1917) | II/7 | 2008

Beneath the main body of St Michael's Church lies a large crypt, some 44 by 42 metres in area, divided by 44 columns supporting the floor of the nave above. This space has been used during the renovation of the main church and on other occasions, for services, concerts and other events. The organ was installed at the front, out of sight behind an acoustically transparent partition. It is a second-hand, romantic instrument by Strebel which has been restored and provided with a mobile electric console.


I. Manual (Superoktave ausgebaut) C-g3

  1. Principal 8'
  2. Viola di Gamba 8'
  3. Hohlflöte 8'
  4. Oktave 4'

II. Manual (Superoktave ausgebaut) C-g3

  1. Liebl. Gedeckt 8'
  2. Salicional 8'

Pedal C-d1

  1. Subbass 16'

Koppeln: II/I, I/P, II/P,
Sub II/I, Super I, Super II