Organ Works

Alberndorf in der Riedmark, Kath. Kirche

Orgelneubau nach Cavaillé-Coll | II/19 | 2014 | Opus 1002

Alberndorf lies about 25 km away on the approaches to Linz, European City of Culture 2009. Linz is a pragmatic city, at its heart a traditional industrial city, openly and colourfully embracing culture over several decades, yet operating in a markedly rural way. This description could apply equally to the church community in Alberndorf.

The church in neo-classical style was consecrated in 1845, with the broad, rounded arches supporting the dome a striking feature of the interior. The organ gallery at the rear is separated from the main space by projecting balustrade. The instrument stands in the middle and partly in the tower niche, and has a French Romantic stoplist.
The choice of a particular tonal style, rather than an all-purpose organ, means that there is now an instrument of clear individual character in the Linz region. French Romantic organs, typified above all by the instruments of the renowned Cavaillé-Coll, and associated with the works of César Franck, Charles-Marie Widor, are much-loved. Nevertheless, the organ naturally does justice to classical organ music, above to the works of J S Bach. 


I. Grand Orgue C-g3

  1. Montre 8'
  2. Flûte harmonique 8'
  3. Bourdon 8'
  4. Prestant 4'
  5. Dulciane 4'
  6. Doublette 2'
  7. Fourniture 4f. 1 1/3'
  8. Trompete 8'

II. Récit expressif C-g3

  1. Flûte traversière 8'
  2. Viol de Gambe 8'
  3. Voix celestis 8'
  4. Flûte octaviante 4'
  5. Nazard 2 2/3'
  6. Octavin 2'
  7. Basson et Hautbois 8'

Pedal C-f1

  1. Soubasse 16'
  2. Basse 8'
  3. Bourdon 8'
  4. Basson 16'

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