Organ Works

Limburg, St. Vinzenc hospital

Box organ | I/6 | 2013 | Opus 1001

The St Vincent Hospital in Limburg, founded in 1850, has just received a new chapel. The interior is the work of the artist Anne Hitzker-Lubin, who also had an input on the casework design for the stationary box organ. Its construction, from the inside to the outside, is without compromise, as with all our organ designs. This meant that in specifying the dimensions of the wind system and pipe scales, the determining factor was the size of the building and not the design of the case. The size of the case results from what lies within.

The construction of the box organ was worked out to the last detail in 3-D in order to achieve both high quality and optimum accessibility of the pipework. The result is an instrument with a full and broad sound, able to full the desired accompanimental needs of the new chapel.


I. Manual C-f3

  1. Prinzipal 8' C-f0 gemeinsam mit Gedeckt 8', fs0-f2 im Prospekt, Zinn 80% 
  2. Gedeckt 8' C-f2 Eichenholz gedeckt, ab fs2 Zinn 80% 
  3. Holzprinzipal 4' C- f0 gemeinsam mit Gedeckt 4', ab cs2 Zinn 80% 
  4. Gedeckt 4' Zinn 80%, ab fs2 offen
  5. Prinzipal 2' Zinn 80% 
  6. Quinte 1 1/3' Zinn 80%