Organ Works

Linz (Austria), Pilgrimage Church

New organ | III/32 | Opus 1016 | 2022

Visible for miles around, the twin-towered façade of the Pilgrimage church stands enthroned on the summit of the Pöstlingberg in Linz. The interior beneath the dome is splendidly decorated and its soaring late-baroque architecture makes a lasting impression. In 2022 we built a new organ on the main gallery. Both visually and tonally it equals in significance to its surroundings.

This is to be a purely mechanical instrument of three manuals and pedal. Its main specification (Hauptwerk, Rückpositiv & Pedal) will be on baroque lines. It also includes an enclosed Schwellwerk, integrated in its voicing into the overall concept, thereby enlarging the musical possibilities and also providing ideal choral accompaniment.

The pedal division is sited at the rear against the back wall of the gallery. The Hauptwerk is placed above the console with the Prinzipal 16 in the façade. On the upper level the enclosed Oberwerk, placed out of sight, occupies the middle section of the case, whilst the Rückpositiv on the gallery front has a more direct spatial and tonal presence.

The elegant lines and slender pipe towers of the case complement the baroque elements of its surroundings, interpreted in simple, modern formal language. A bright colour scheme underlines the lightness of the design, with its balanced proportions and staggered outlines following the shape of the vault above. The case, the work of organ designer L D Zickermann, is completed with detailing by the Viennese artist VALIE Export in the form of a cross-band with a proverbial inscription at impost level and further texts in the lower panelling.


I. Rückpositiv C-g3

  1. Gedackt 8'
  2. Principal 4'
  3. Rohrflöte 4'
  4. Nasat 2 2/3'
  5. Doublette 2'
  6. Terzflöte 1 3/5'
    Quinte 1 1/3' (Vorabzug)
  7. Mixtur 3-4fach 1 1/3'
  8. Dulcian 8'

II. Hauptwerk C-g3

  1. Großprincipal 16'
  2. Principal 8'
  3. Flauto traverso 8'
  4. Viola da Gamba 8'
  5. Octave 4'
  6. Spitzflöte 4'
  7. Quinte 2 2/3'
  8. Superoctave 2'
  9. Terz 1 3/5'
  10. Mixtur 4-5fach 2'
  11. Fagott 16'
  12. Trompete 8'

III. Unterwerk (schwellbar) C-g3

  1. Rohrflöte 8'
  2. Salicet 8'
  3. Vox coelestis 8'
  4. Fugara 4'
  5. Querflaut 4'
  6. Flageolet 2'
  7. Oboe 8'

Pedal C-f1

09. Principalbass 16' (Transmission)
28. Subbass 16'
29. Octavbass 8'
30. Gedacktbass 8'
21. Octave 4'
32. Posaune 16'
32. Trompete 8' (Extension)


Koppeln: RP-HW, OW-HW,

mechanische Schleifladen

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