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Geisingen - Kirchen-Hausen, St. Marien

Reconstruction of the Schwarz organ from 1877 | II/17 | 2025

St. Mary's Church in the Kirchen-Hausen district of Geisingen was given the form of a baroque hall church in the first third of the 18th century. Its furnishings include a romantic organ from 1877 from the workshop of Wilhelm Schwarz (Überlingen). The richly decorated organ case in the Neo-Renaissance style was created by the sculptor Josef Eberle.

Originally, the organ had 17 stops on two manuals and pedal with mechanical cone chests. Over the course of time, the instrument underwent several modifications, some of which had a considerable impact on the technical and tonal substance. Among other things, the organ was pneumatized, fitted with new stops and given a new console. In 1960, the specification was changed to suit the taste of the time and a swell box was installed. After further improper modifications and a lack of maintenance, the organ was in a desolate state in 2023.

In order to revive this historic example of romantic organ building in Baden, we will carry out a comprehensive restoration of the instrument in 2025 with the aim of returning it to its 1877 condition. Both the mechanical actions and the console (with today's console dimensions) will be reconstructed. Lost stops and altered original pipes will be restored or rebuilt according to existing models from the builder's workshop. The preserved cone chests and the wind system including the bellows will also be restored and fitted with new channels. During the final re-voicing, the original Viennese pitch of a1= 435 Hz will also be restored.


I. Manual C-f3

  1. Bourdon 16'
  2. Principal 8' *
  3. Viola da Gamba 8' *
  4. Principalflöte 8' *
  5. Hohlflöte 8' *
  6. Octave 4'
  7. Spitzflöte 4' *
  8. Mixtur 4-5f. 2 2/3' *

II. Manual C-f3

  1. Salicional 8' *
  2. Rohrflöte 8' *
  3. Gedeckt 8'
  4. Dolcan 4' *
  5. Clarinette 8' *

Pedal C-c1

  1. Violonbass 16' (C-H akustisch)
  2. Subbass 16'
  3. Octavbass 8'
  4. Violoncello 8' * 

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